Presentación del libro Matar al Padre de la periodista Yanet Acosta

Viernes 26 DE MAYO – 20.30 horas


The father of the new Peruvian gastronomy has disappeared after his polemic intervention during a gastronomic congress in Lima. His family wants to know where he is, so they travel to Madrid in pursuit of private investigator Ven Cabreira’s help. Gastronomic journalist Lucy Belda, who unintentionally witnessed the disappearance, begins to suffer a persecution that takes her to Machu Picchu. She turns to the only person she can really trust, her friend Ven, but he is in serious danger somewhere between Madrid and Lima trying to solve a case, a dish whose main ingredients are business, personal and political interests and gastronomy.


A skilfully told story between Peru and Spain, which brings us the acclaimed second volume of Ven Cabreira, the most peculiar investigator within Spanish written thrillers. He is a former Cesid agent, widower, Barbies collector, canned beans fan and cat lover who suffers a disease that sometimes negates his sense of taste.


Sábado 27 DE MAYO – 09:00h – Trasera del Campo de fútbol.

We will start in San José de los Llanos, taking a pathway till starting point. It is a circular route surrounding the volcano, among solidified lava flows, passing through ancient pines such as Pino de Cha Lorenza, where we will enjoy amazing views of Chinyero’s southern side. We are going to admire mountains Corredera, Los Poleos or La Cruz during the tour, as well as panoramic views of El Teide and el Pico Viejo, if the sky is clear, and then, we will return passing through La Montañeta and the recreative area of Arenas Negras to take the bus back to Garachico. This area suffers the human action and its consequences. FICMEC, Oficina de Voluntariado del Cabildo de Tenerife and Asociación Terramare promote cleaning actions along this trail. Join this initiative to maintain our island clean and beauty.


  • Inscripción previa Límite 50 plazas.
  • Ruta guidada por voluntarios/as de la Asociación Terramare y técnicos de ACANVOL.
  • Se trasladará en guagua a los participantes hasta San José de los Llanos donde accederán al sendero PR-TF 43


Martes 30 DE MAYO – 09:00h – Muelle viejo

Garachico can show off a unique coastline, rugged and both beautiful, Its fragility is affected by human action and its attitude to the environment. From FICMEC 2017 we promote a cleanup of Garachico’s shoreline. Be part of our town’s beauty and keep on presuming of a clean Garachico.


An underwater waste cleaning will be held in the bay of El Muelle by divers from Terramare Association.


The land cleanup will have the support of local authorities and young people from the municipality and it will be made in the vicinity of El Muelle and El Caletón.