Arte y reciclaje

Martes 30 de mayo – 19:30 horas – Conferencia 

El Anatsui
El Anatsui (Ghana, 1944) is now considered one of the African most relevant artist of the contemporary art. He finished his studies in Kumasi (Ghana), after that, he moved to Nigeria, where he works as professor at University of Nigeria, in Nsukka. When creating his pieces he uses recycled materials, aluminum is his favorite one: bottle caps or metallic inscriptions, for example. Thousands of pieces that the artist sews, creating big and flashy fabrics. They shine so they look luxurious, as an Ashanti king’s golden clothes or the chain mail of a medieval warrior. The result is amazing when we look it closer and discover it is made of such ordinary objects.
El Anatsiu has showed his works around the world, even at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, at Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, at National Museum of African Art in Washington and also within exhibitions such as Venice Biennale, Osaka Sculpture Triennial, Liverpool Biennial, etc.


Martes 30 de mayo – 13:00 horas – Charla

Juan Francisco Betancort
He holds a Marine Science PhD by Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, specialized in paleontology, paleoclimatology, paleoceanography and climate change. He teaches Environmental impact assessment, Geology I and Geology II at UNED (The National Distance Education University). He is also vice president of Sociedad Atlántica de Oceanógrafos (SAO).


Agustín Espinosa Díaz
Marine biologist (University of La Laguna). He has 20 year experience in Canary Islands professional fishing industry, agriculture, marine environment education and creation of protected marine spaces. He works now as technician at Unidad Orgánica de Pesca of Cabildo de Tenerife.


Marcos González Ramos
He has been working with wastewater for more than 20 years, he has taken several courses about water purification and desalination at ITC (Canarian technological institute) and has participated in international conferences. He has also studied water supply and sanitation, urban drainage networks at Universidad de Valencia, he has a huge knowledge about sewage discharged into the ocean in the Canary Islands.

LA ECOCOSMOPOLITA: “Traza tu hoja de ruta hacia una vida sin basura”

Domingo 04 de junio – 13:00 horas – Charla

Yve is an eco-blogger that leads Ecocosmopolita and now “Usar y Reusar” (use and reuse), a project promoting a non rubbish and zero waste lifestyle. Through her own search for a more sustainable life, she gives us some recommendations to reduce damage on Earth.


During this speech/workshop she is going to help us identifying certain habits that we can assimilate in order to use less disposable products, allowing us to enjoy a simpler life but healthier and more respectful at the same time.