Daniel Díez Martínez

Estudiantes participantes: Rishi Jagdish Hassani Chandiramani, Ní- chel Hernández Gálvez, Enrique Hernández Melián, Lara Hernández Rodríguez, Lina Rodríguez Feo y Carmen Rosa Rugel López.

Students enrolled in the subject Taller de Proyectos G2 from Universidad Europea de Canarias’ school ofarchitecture have de- veloped a project on ephemeral architecture with a noticeable urban and scenograph-ic style. They want to provide the whole festival a visual identity in line with contest’s personality.

One of project’s decisive factors comes from a purely material deci- sion. The reason behind the use of these objects to build furniture is based on a recycling ideology, which stablishes a conceptual connection with festival’s eco-friendly mentality.

Furthermore, these elements are specially selected to promote uni- cation criteria not only when developing building methods but also when talking about compositional and architectural language of all partial projects integrated in intervention.

It is, without no doubt, a really important learning through a practical activity that goes beyond.


Luigi Stinga

He carried out intermediate studies at Roma’s art institute, later he finished his studies on Scenography at Roma’s Fine Arts Faculty. He came to Tenerife within his Erasmus programme, stablishing here his artistic activity: painting, sculpture and decoration.

Endorsed by his academic specialization acquired in Roma and his theatre and television experience, he and his team carry out installations of ephemeral spaces only limited by their own imagination. He delights the audience with a huge variety of wooden sculptures, which are burned at the end of the events. This time, Stinga’s design is closely related to FICMEC’s theme.