Since FICMEC first stablished in Garachico, this town turned into a flimnig set during the festival’s elebration. This idea, that shares audiovisual capacities with the generation of symbolic projection of the territory, with the need for an environmental speech that goes from local to universal contexts and the pedagogical function stablished every year between sound-image students from Tenerife and the invited professional directors that makes Ecocine one of the most profitable and wanted cinematographic activities of our festival. During our last edition, the Galician film-maker Otto Roca oversaw the coordination of a piece of seaside sensations, where image and sound mixed together to make us travel along a magic afternoon. Fernando Vílchez worked on a very significant piece in 2015: a tour from Arenas Negras to the seaside, which represented Garachico’s volcanic eruption in 1706. In 2014 the two specialized directors Francisco and Armando del Rosario worked on sea bottoms near to Garachico, while in 2013 Pedro Felipe Acosta, invited producer, worked on a conservationist piece representing El Roque natural monument.


In 2017 Miguel Angel Rolland will supervise Ecocine Espress.

Miguel Angel Rolland

He graduated in journalism by Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1992) and got a grant from Ministerio de Cultura (Spanish culture ministry) to study cinema in New York, he has also collaborated with international media. He founded the documentary professional association DOCUS MADRID and organized in Documenta Madrid a course about cinema and hip-hop called CULTURA URBANA. His works have been awarded by international festivals and in 2005 he was nominated for the Goya Award as best documentary with “Aerosol” (2004).


Between 2009 and 2013 he oversaw several projects based on contents and brands for two companies: Multi Platform Content and Quiero salvar el mundo haciendo marketing. He has also worked as freelance producer for Telson since 2004 and Coca-Cola, Movistar, Telefónica, Galp, Beefeater, Metro de Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, AECOC, ACCIONA, Generalitat Valenciana are some of his most relevant clients.


He has never stopped telling stories and looking for new ones, in any format, and has participated in cultural and communication projects promoting a dialog through authenticity and innovation. His last documentary “Santa Fiesta” was recently released.