This visual exhibition on the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma aims to give a photographic insight into the power of nature.


Each photographer who takes part in the exhibition has a divided heart: on the one hand, seeing and photographing a spectacle of nature of these dimensions, with burning lava flows in their path, drawing paths and incandescent lines, showers of ash, explosions several hundred meters high, Hawaiian or Strombolian explosions, each one different from the other, is a real treat for the photographer’s eye.


And on the other hand, it is the vision of the destruction, the houses, the evictions, the anguish, the loss of their belongings and areas of life, the fear of tomorrow, the uprooting, the uncertainty of what is going to happen to everything that this volcano has devastated…
It makes mixed feelings appear, producing an absolute respect for this human misfortune and the greatness of the magnificent show of nature, a volcano eruption.


From the International Environmental Film Festival of the Canary Islands we would like to thank the participants of this exhibition and continue to express our support to all the people from La Palma who, in one way or another, still do not have their everyday lives back.