Brote sustainable production


All the productions made between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2019 can enter the competition for the 2020 Brote Award for Sustainable Film Production during the 22nd Festival Internacional de Cine Medioambiental de Canarias (FICMEC), to be held in Tenerife from 29 May to 7 June 2020.


FICMEC and Tenerife Film Commission wish to give an award to film productions that have implemented sustainable actions in their productions.


Feature films, short films, fiction series, animation or documentary productions can compete for the award.


It is not necessary for films to deal with ecology or nature or with the relationship of human beings with the environment.


You can register by filling in the form below. The deadline to enter is 23 April 2020.


Also, film institutions from different countries or regions can also suggest film initiatives that fulfil the requirements to compete for the 2020 FICMEC-Tenerife Film Commission Brote Award for Sustainable Production.

The prize money is 1.500 euros.


The requirements that will be taken into account are the sustainable measures or actions taken while on production, especially regarding the following points: responsible location scouting, communication, protecting locations and their socio-environmental surroundings, transport, catering, reducing consumption of materials, re-using and recycling, using electric power efficiently, good practice in the use of water, and environmental monitoring.

You can learn more about this criteria in Tenerife Film Commission’s Ten-point Good Practice Guide for sustainable productions on https://www.webtenerife.com/tenerifefilm/como-rodar/greenshooting/

If you wish to enter the competition for the 2020 FICMEC-TENERIFE FILM COMMISSION Brote Award For Sustainable Production please fill in the following form:




Because it is in the nature of the festival to raise awareness, the film that wins the award will be screened in the showcases organised by the festival for information purposes, never for profit, up to a maximum of 2 screenings.


The producers of the film also authorize the use of a fragment (three minutes long at most) to be broadcast in any type of media.


El festival podrá utilizar fotografías de las obras para publicidad en prensa, folletos informativos u otros medios de comunicación, así como para incluir las obras en su catálogo oficial u otras publicaciones del festival.


The festival will be allowed to use photographs of the works for advertising purposes in the press, information leaflets or other media as well as to include the works in its official catalogue or other festival publications.


Registering in the festival implies the full acceptance of the present regulations. The interpretation of these regulations is the competence of the festival organisers. In the event of there being a controversy it will be submitted to Spanish laws and jurisdiction.

Also, it is agreed to publicly exhibit the regulations in the terms established in art. 49, of Law 7/85 of 2 April that rules the Local Regime Regulations, amended by Law 11/99, of 21 April, the provisional approval becoming definite if no allegations are raised against it.