29 mayo

Ecologic agriculture has developed significantly in the Canary Islands for the last years, which means that our products are cultivated under quality conditions. Knowledge, technics and tools to carry out this type of eco-friendly agriculture are highlighted during this environmental film festival, with seminars where we can discuss and propose ideas.

Within this, we also include the ecologic agriculture fair, that celebrates this year ist fourht edition. An occasion in which agricultural producers from different places around the island inform and sell their ecologic products.


Highschools from El Tanque, La Rambla, Icod and Los Realejos will participate in these new activities organized by Dirección de formación Profesional del Gobierno de Canarias, La Consejería de Agricultura del Cabildo de Tenerife and FICMEC. These activities include workshops, conferences, screenings showing us reality about ecological agriculture, as well as collaboration between students from the north of the island.


Día 29 de mayo


9:30h Vermiculture
por INVERSA, empresa agrícola de innovación


The workshop aims to transfer the basic concepts of this agro-ecological practice, aimed at maintaining and increasing the fertility of soils.


12:00h Horticulture
por Arturo Guanche, agente de extensión agraria


Possibilities for the internal market and self-consumption and its capacity for proper nutrition.


17:00h Película: CABBAGE, potatoes and others demons (Rumanía-Alemania / 2016 / 60min)
por Serban Georgescu


18:00h Debate: Sabemos los que comemos?
Margarita Hernández – Técnica del Servicio de Fomento y Promoción de la Calidad del Instituto Canario de Calidad Agroalimentaria (ICCA), Consejería de Agricultura, Ganadería, Pesca y Aguas del Gobiernos de Canarias.
Irène Dupui – Profesora de la Universidad de La Laguna. Consultora en Acanto agroambiental.


19:30h Película: SEED, the untold story (Usa / 2016 / 90min)
por Taggart Siegel & Jon Betz

Día 30 de mayo


Organic products Fair


The recent success of organic farming, agriculture that returns to the origins of diversity and coherence, it’s much more than a fashion. It is, again, the structural basis of a model change. Proof that another food, fairer, healthier, more sustainable, is not only possible but advisable and necessary. FICMEC continues organizing the Organic products Fair in the confidence that a desired and necessary change is possible.