Ecological Products Fair

At the end of the 2nd World War western countries began the process of socio-economic recovery under expansionist policies which include many of the measures that allowed the develo- pment of the welfare state. One of those actions was by request: it was ordered to primary sector to intensify their production systems and applying industrial criteria to agriculture and stockbreeding. The core idea was: as much food as cheaply as possible. It was created the concept of intensive agriculture, the application of chemicals to promote growth, indiscriminate use of fertilizers and pesticides, seeds and breeds selection, genetic modification…

The recent success of organic farming, agriculture that returns to the origins of diversity and coherence, it’s much more than a fashion. It is, again, the structural basis of a model change. Proof that another food, fairer, healthier, more sustainable, is not only possible but advisable and necessary. FICMEC continues organizing the Organic products Fair in the confidence that a desired and necessary change is possible.


At FICMEC we find it enormously exciting and encouraging that certain companies, agents and multinationals are taking decisive steps with a clear orientation towards sustainability. This is undoubtedly a new territory, in which one cannot help but be a pioneer and in which the challenges of experimentation and conquest must be assumed. The Sustainability Fair aims to showcase some of these attempts, some of these moves that may lead to significant changes.


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