No sea and mountains. But sea and volcanoes. Those and noothers are the materials that nature offers to the island for construction of things and beings.


And yet, in Canary Islands, there is few things more relegated and away from the everyday than the volcano. This is certainly a “surely known oblivion”, a hypocrite and even cowardly oblivion. The strength of volcano and its presence are perhaps too emphatic. So much that we prefer to forget it. Do not think of it. If anyone know about the cruelty of that ability to forget,the canarian volcanologists are, a scientific subspecie almost nonexistent in our territory. True pioneers of commendable value who have studied and reported in a difficult context in which sloppiness and arrogance, political blandishments and atavistic fears, ignorance and superstition, come together.

Vulcanalia_FICMEC 1






Lugar: Espacio de Arte “La Casa de Piedra”, Garachico


10:00 h. Workshop on interpretation of rocks and minerals.
con Juan Jesús Coello, Raquel Hererra y Álvaro Márquez


11:15 h. DESCANSO


11:45 h. Challenges and difficulties in protecting the most modern eruption of the Canary Islands.
con Juana Vegas, coordinadora del Grupo de Investigación en Patrimonio y Geodiversidad. IGME-CSIC


13:00 h. Volcanic gases: a brief approach.
con Pilar García Alonso y Francisco Javier Coello (ingenieros de minas)


14:00 h. DESCANSO


16:00 h. Sound atlas of volcano sounds.
con Fabián Yanes y Sara Sánchez


17:00 h. Proyección en el antiguo convento de San Francisco:

LA PICADA. Felipe Zuñiga (70’)





10.00 h. Ruta geológica por la costa de Buenavista del Norte