Only productions made on or after January 1, 2023, are eligible to participate in the XXVI Canary Islands International Environmental Film Festival, to be held in Tenerife from May 28 to June 2, 2024. Films must deal with either ecology and nature or with the relationship of human beings with the environment, which especially affects and conditions the circumstances of life on the planet.

The following genres and official sections are included:

  • Fiction or Animated Feature Film.
  • Documentary Feature Film
  • Fiction or Animated Short Films
  • Documentary Short Films


Registration will take place via MOVIBETA (festival.movibeta.com). The period for registration will begin on January 25, 2024, and will end on March 31, 2024.

  • Only films that do not exceed 30 minutes in length will be considered short films.
  • Films must be submitted for selection in their original language, preferably with Spanish subtitles, and must at least have English subtitles.
  • Each author may submit as many films as they wish.
  • The films submitted to the festival must be premieres for the Canary Islands.

The following documents must be sent along with the film: stills of the film, director’s photograph, director’s filmography with biography, synopsis of the film, complete technical specifications sheet, and dialogue list.

Submitted films will become part of a public access audiovisual archive held in the festival’s offices. Under no circumstances will it be used by the organization for profit-making purposes.

The festival’s selection committee will carry out a selection of the submitted works. The committee’s decision will be unappealable. Once the process has been finalized, participants will be made aware of the results via their publication on the festival’s official website (ficmec.es).

Once the selection process has been completed, films included in the official section will have to send a copy or a professional film file that includes Spanish subtitles.

Selected films must be received by the festival before May 3, 2024.


The jury will be composed of renowned personalities from the audiovisual industry and the environmental field. Jury members may not compete as author, director, or producer. The jury’s decision will be final.

  • Award for the best Fiction or Animated Feature Film.
  • Award for Best Documentary Feature Film
  • Award for Best Fiction or Animated Short Film
  • Award for Best Documentary Short Film

In the feature film categories, the festival awards as prize the sculptural piece ‘Brote’ (Sprout) by renowned artist Gonzalo González. This piece deals with the expressive and symbolic possibilities of vegetable elements. In the short films category, the award is an engraving of ‘Brote’, by the same artist.

The festival has also established the ‘Telesforo Bravo’ Audience Award.

Every year the festival includes a special category, whose theme revolves around adventure and sports films that are linked to the environment. The feature films presented in this section will be eligible for the ‘FICMEC Adventure’ Award.


Due to the reflective nature and awareness-raising character of the festival, awarded films may be screened at the festival’s events for informational and educational purposes, never for profit, for up to a maximum of 2 screenings.

The producers of the films also authorize the use of excerpts from them (of up to three minutes in length) for broadcasting in any informational media.

The festival may use photographs of the works for the purposes of publicity in the press, brochures, or other media, as well as include the works in its official catalog and other festival publications.


Registration in the festival implies full acceptance of these rules and regulations. The interpretation of these rules and regulations will be the responsibility of the festival organizers. If any dispute should arise, the dispute will be subject to Spanish law and the jurisdiction of Spanish courts.

It is also agreed that the rules and regulations will be publicly displayed in accordance with the terms outlined in Article 49 of Law 7/85 dated April 2, 1985, which regulates the Foundations of Local Governance, amended by Law 11/99 dated April 21, 1999, according to which this provisional approval becomes definitive if no claims are raised.


Organic produce fair: The recent success of organic farming – a form of agriculture that returns to the roots of diversity and coherence – is much more than a fad. It is the structural foundation of a model shift, the evidence that a different nourishment, one that is fairer, healthier, and more sustainable, is not only possible, but also advisable and necessary. FICMEC continues to organize the Organic Products Fair, in the belief that this advisable and necessary change is possible.

Renewable energy fair: In FICMEC we find it both interesting and courageous that some companies, economic agents and multinational corporations are taking decisive steps clearly oriented towards and committed to sustainability. The Sustainability Fair aims to showcase some of these efforts, of those actions that could lead to significant changes.