IX Jugando en verde


The square has been, for each of the moments in history, the stage of life in common, the enclosure —open and free— of language and dreams.


About the issue of the game, the square and the changes that have occurred in recent decades regarding to these concepts and due to the emergence of the virtual and the digital world, there is much written and yet to be written. It seems that neither the stubborn defense of physical game and free condemnation of virtual game hit the target of understanding new and powerful social phenomena such as the Internet, video games or the information society.

Jugando en verde FICMEC




Viernes, 2 de junio.
LUGAR: Buenavista del Norte


9:30 h. “Nostalgia de futuro: arte digital y videojuegos para un mundo más sostenible”. Eurídice Cabañes, Codirectora en ARSGames.

11:00 h. Descanso.

11:30 h. “Del guión al boceto en una película de animación medioambiental”. María Pulido, Directora de arte del largometraje de animación ‘Mariposas Negras’.

12:00 h. “Bandas Sonoras de Videojuegos 101”. Sara Lopez Productions, Compositora de Bandas Sonoras.

14:00 h. Descanso.

16:00 h. “Serious Games para la enseñanza y aprendizaje del cambio climático”. Tania Ouariachi, profesora en Hanze University of Applied Sciences.

17:00 h. Selección de cortometrajes de animación FICMEC.



Euridice Cabañes

Eurídice Cabañes

Co-director of ARSGAMES, she holds a PhD in Philosophy and is a professor at several universities in Spain and Mexico. She has more than 60 publications including articles, books and other dissemination materials, and has participated in over 150 conferences. She has curated exhibitions, among them “Video games, the two sides of the screen” for Fundación Telefónica. She was chosen as one of the 100 Game Changers in 2020 by Gameindustry.

María Pulido

María Pulido

María Pulido is a rather atypical art director. This rara avis, with a multidisciplinary profile, is able to combine frames with brushstrokes and they somehow combine perfectly. Her current project includes the art direction of Mariposas Negras (Black Butterflies), (Ikiru and Tinglado films).

Sara López

Sara López

Sara Lopez, of Sara Lopez Productions, is a composer of soundtracks for audiovisual media of all kinds: films, documentaries, videogames, series,…. and for less common media as well! Think of Twitch or role playing games. She is a hardcore geek and a lover of good vibes. Sara studied guitar at the Conservatory of Tenerife, received a Bachelor of Composition at the University of Music in Freiburg, Germany, and a Master´s Degree in Audiovisual Media Composition at the ESMUC, Barcelona. Some of the highlights among her work are the soundtrack of the Canarian film “Apocalipsis Voodo” (winner of the award for best soundtrack at the International Fantastic Film Week of the Costa del Sol in 2018), several chapters from El Programa con Aarón Gómez, of RTVC, and the soundtrack of the video game Human Fall Flat. Since she was a child, she always knew that music was going to be her home. She wants to welcome all guests to her home.

Tania Ouariachi Peralta

Tania Ouariachi Peralta

She holds an international PhD in Social Sciences from the University of Granada. She is a professor at the Faculty of Communication, Media & IT, and at the European Energy Academy at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Groningen, The Netherlands). Her line of research lies in the role of new media and innovative educational and communication strategies such as serious games, gamification and escape rooms in engaging young people in matters of sustainability, energy transition, and  climate change. She has an extensive publication track record as well. Her work can be found in books from prestigious publishers, high-impact international journals, and conferences. In the past she worked as a journalist for Agencia EFE, and as a communications specialist for the Parque de las Ciencias de Andalucía (Granada), Human Rights Watch (Brussels) and RIMES (Bangkok).