Pedro Javier Pascual – En la orilla onírica

Nature and photography have always been part of Pedro Javier Pascual’s life since his childhood. He learnt everything on his own, reading all the information about photography that he found. Pascual considers nature the main place of mystery, calm, ephemeral magic, physic beauty, a chance meeting, nature is his most valuable inspiration and his playtime place.

With this work “En la orilla onírica”, Pedro Javier Pascual makes us travel into fantasy atmosphere. This space seems to be impossible to find in the real world, catching our curiosity about the creation of these images. Light, color, background and distance are some of the characteristics that turn a daily portrait into any natural space within an idyllic picture more likely to be a fantastic element.


Astronomy is one of the most attractive and famous disciplines in society. In fact, the view of the sparkling sky has fascinated the human being since the beginning of time. Cosmoislas opens us up a unique window into the immensity of the cosmos through amazing pictures taken exclusively for this exposition by the well known astrophotographer Daniel López.


It is a participatory and educational photographic space. We have been with this activity for two years and from here we have encouraged and invited photographers to this proposal.

The organization acquires the commitment to publish the images in a collective exhibition in the squares and streets of Garachico. These photographs will be used to decorate and educate passersby from the “look” of each one of the participants.

“La Mirada” is the observation of photographers who, through their peephole, capture a way of seeing our surroundings. This gaze is translated into many concrete forms and contexts: a blacksmith, a cloud, a whale, a floating leaf, egrets flying in a clean and silent dance, the passing of water, a fern, a sky illuminated by the Milky way, a hillside populated with human habitations, a landscape shrouded in mist, are some of the snapshots that we show within this activity.

In advance, thank all those who have participated and will participate in the years to come. A collaboration exercise with the FICMEC. Where each person contributes a mountain of sand to understand the great wealth of the planet where we LIVE


“Search is possibly the representation of the human being’s essence, something that defines us, which leads us where we are now; between greetings and plastic waste”. Paco Palmero shares this reflection with us with the creation of sculptures made up of plastic waste.

The same happens with the recycling process…to follow the searching path that determines us and to explore other ways of using materials, which once they complete the original purpose they were made for, they only have a dangerous effect on the environment ahead. Let’s be wise and imaginative with the waste of the products we have created and that will be for a long time with us. We need to be aware of the deadline of our energy sources on our planet and careful about cleaning and protection of our ‘common home’.