V Foro de jóvenes

FICMEC is committed to involving young people in the process of reflection and debate around climate change, and the Youth Forum is one of the most appropriate spaces for this.


In the 2022 edition of the Forum, interesting and encouraging conclusions were reached. To cite just two of them, the context was considered to be the ideal place to learn new skills pertaining to expressing oneself, to present projects and be heard. But its potential  to amplify the reach of environmental projects, developed and implemented in an academic environment, was also valued.


In this “V Foro de Jóvenes Canarios por el medioambiente”, several young people from the Canary Islands will gather to reopen the debate and reflect on their environmental concerns. Several thematic working tables will be created. The conclusions will be sent to the Government of the Canary Islands so that they can assess the different approaches our youth have when it comes to the defense of the Canary Islands’ environment.