27 May-18 June – CajaCanarias cultural space, Garachico
Fundación CajaCanarias

The awarded pictures of the European natural photography contest included in this exposition are visually astonishing and poetic, but also funny. Non-altered pictures that show us nature’s extraordinary beauty. However, above all, there is a common characteristic among them: they move spectators and therefore make them reflect on the need to protect nature, presenting photography as a suitable strategy to do that.

+Agua -Tierra (+Water -Earth)

27 May – 4 June – «La Casa de Piedra» art centre, Garachico

Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño Gran Canaria

Life on Earth will end someday; probably, this process had already started and thaw will flood most of the Earth’s arable land. Without land, our resources will disappear and the creation of artificial spaces to develop life is not that easy.
If we do not react and let water cover all the Earth’s surface, we will be contributing in some way to our own extinction. All organisms depend on Earth directly or not.


27 May – 4June/ Plaza de la Libertad, Garachico

Colectivo de fotógrafos

FICMEC has been inviting during this last year Spanish authors of natural photography to share through our social networks pictures of the surrounding environment, the greatness of nature, the curious elements behind it. The public will enjoy and admire these pictures shown during the international environmental film festival of the Canary Islands (FICMEC), so we want to thank photographers’ generosity since they offer us their creations.


27 May – 18 June / CajaCanarias cultural space, Garachico.
Fundación CajaCanarias

This exposition shows Telesforo Bravo’s (1913-2002) vital and professional career, one of the most important Spanish naturalist and geologist. Pictures and texts from Fundación Telesforo Bravo y Juan Coello, go through his life, his trips, his special view of different corners of the Canary Islands, landscapes, geological phenomena, archaeological findings, as well as daily scenes of the Canary rural world and fishing culture.