Sandra Sutherland

Journalist. She directs and presents the tv program Agrosfera in La 2 (Radio Televisión Española). Since 2012 she has driven this program about farms, fishing and livestock in Spain. She deals with all the institutional news which arises not only on the national space but also in the international field, especially those coming from Brussels.

Pedro Felipe Acosta

Pedro Felipe Acosta is considered one of the best nature documentary directors in Spain. For years he has been doing documentaries about the Canary Islands natural heritage with the intention to promote the interest in the archipelago’s wildlife preservation.

Tote Trenas

He is behind the image of numerous films (La Buena Estrella, Solas, Un Franco 14 Pesetas, No te fallaré, Fugitivas…) and tv series (Cuéntame Cómo Pasó, Padre Coraje, Hospital central…). He is part of the management board of the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences. Developer and manager of Sello Verde (Green stamp) of the Academy created to distinguish the films and series which are more sustainable and environment-friendly.