Alfred Oliveri / 88´ / 2022 / Argentina, Uruguay.

DIRECCIÓN: Alfred Oliveri

FOTOGRAFÍA: Lukasz Cholewiak

PRODUCCIÓN: Alfred Oliveri

EDICIÓN: Anna Fucci

SONIDO: Maribel Tarfur, Soledad Toledo



Virgilio Martinez is much more than a chef, he is an artist. Although his Central restaurant in
Lima, Peru, is considered to be the best of the decade in Latin America and number 2 in the
world, and his wife Pía León is considered to be the world’s best female chef, his inspiration,
research and creative work goes much further than these recognitions. Virgilio is an explorer of
Peru’s different regions, giving its origin to the revolutionary concept of the “World in
Altitudes”, based on the elevations of the earth that forever changed the way local gastronomy
is seen in today’s world.

Alfred Oliveri