Organic products Fair

Martes 30 de mayo

The recent success of organic farming, agriculture that returns to the origins of diversity and coherence, it’s much more than a fashion. It is, again, the structural basis of a model change. Proof that another food, fairer, healthier, more sustainable, is not only possible but advisable and necessary. FICMEC continues organizing the Organic products Fair in the confidence that a desired and necessary change is possible.

Energy efficiency fair

Sábado 03 de junio

Kant said that a rule is poor when cannot be universal without generating greater evils of which comes to protect. Xavier Rubert de Ventós used that epistemological motto to explain the inconsistencies of developmentalism in a world in which “some cannot respect their environment to eat today and the others don’t matter to respect it as long as to maintain their profit rate until after tomorrow”. Faced with theories that argue that the only way to solve the problems of world’s social inequality would be for all citizens adopt a model whose generalization would only lead to a global collapse, in recent years it has risen the idea of sustainability. A sustainable world is one that is able to balance their impacts and thereby integrate in the broad structure of the environmental system. It is by definition a movement that seems easier to apply in individual space than in collective: it seems more attainable as a challenge to be a sustainable citizen, or a sustainable family, or even a sustainable community, than a sustainable megacities, a sustainable country or a sustainable multinational. That’s why in FICMEC it seems us so interesting and so brave that certain companies, certain traders and certain multinationals give way to sustainability with accurate guidance and clear vocation. This is certainly a new territory, where only can be a pioneer and where challenges of experimentation and conquest must be accepted. The Sustainability Fair aims to show some of these attempts. Some of these movements may lead to significant changes.

Sostenibility fair

Domingo 04 de junio

We can also make a responsible use of clothes. We apply recycling and reusing technics to many industries and including clothing, an element that seems to be right in fashion’s spotlight.


We can know a lot about a person looking at how it dresses or its type of clothes. Society is controlled by big industries that produce low quality garments, at pretty high prices and cheap labour. For that reason, the use of sustainable, original and eco-friendly clothes, handmade from high quality materials seems to be a good option.


This is a different and unique industry. Creativity and powerful ideas are becoming sustainable fashion’s principles, which means a quality guarantee. Without any doubt, we can combine this important perspective with other ecological technics in different contexts of our lives.