28 may / 29  may


The Canary Islands are volcanic lands. It is maybe our island’s most relevant characteristic and also the reason why there are controversy and different oppinions about their study, control and population’s safety plans. At the same time, it represents an important touristic attraction with many possibilities waiting to be discovered.

“VULCANALIA” wants to be an educative and festive occasion to celebrate our alliance with volcanos that created the islands where we live now and where we enjoy every day unique environment and landscapes. FICMEC will offer international films screenings, where link between volcano and human being is analyzed; this complex but prolific union, not always easy and sometimes tragic. It will take place on may 31st and june 1st . After film screening the audience can participate in conferences about this issue.


“VULCANALIA” will be coordinated by Fundación Telesforo Bravo-Juan Coello and will include several workshops and geologic tours guided by university professors and professionals specialized in geology and volcanology.