Bigger than us

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Bigger than us

Flore Vasseur / 96’ / 2021 / Francia

DIRECTION: Flore Vasseur

SCRIPT: Flore Vasseur

PHOTOGRAPHY: Christophe Offenstein

PRODUCTION: Denis Carot, Marion Cotillard, Flore Vasseur

MUSIC: Rémi Boubal



For six years, Melati, 18, has been fighting the plastic pollution that is ravaging her country, Indonesia. Like her, a generation is rising up to fix the world.  Everywhere, teenagers and young adults are fighting for human rights, the climate, freedom of expression, social justice, access to education or food.

Flore Vasseur

An entrepreneur in New York at the age of 24, Flore Vasseur lived through the Internet bubble, September 11 and a capitalist system that was cracking on all sides. Since then, she has written books, articles and television documentaries to understand the end of one world and the emergence of another.


Meeting Snowden  (2017)

Et si les enfants changeaient le monde (2016)

La publicité pour la paix (2016)

Et si le prochain Eistein était africain (2015)

Larry Lessig : de Harvard à la Maison Blanche (2015)


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