Sustainable Films


The concept of sustainability has adopted a leading role in our daily discourse. Perhaps we have been too late in recognizing the need to act, but at least we seem to have finally grasped it. FICMEC has fought for sustainability since its early days and will continue to do so, with activities such as this year’s Sustainable Film Days.

In this year’s edition we will have the presence of the choreographer and screenwriter Tomàs Aragay, who will speak about the viability of a sustainable script. His talk will be accompanied by a selection of fiction and animation short films from various parts of the world, which demonstrate the potential of audiovisual language in favor of sustainability:

Cristal, papel, organico (Almudena Vázquez, España, 4 ́)

Cuerdas (Estibaliz Urresola, España, 30 ́)

Estrella del desierto (Katherina Harder Sacre, Chile, 18 ́)

Island (Michael Faust, Israel, 8 ́)

Le chant du cachalot (Adeline Faye, Bélgica, Francia, 12 ́)

We will also be able to share a conversation with the Chilean producer José Gil and the Portuguese filmmaker Inês T. Alves, who will present their vision of anthropological cinema in rural areas, for which they will rely on the screening of the feature film Waters of Pastaza, by Inês T. Alves.